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Arranging a Wedding in Church

This has been prepared to help in making arrangements for a Christian wedding in our Church.   We believe that beginning a marriage with God’s blessing is an event to be shared, enjoyed and treasured.



If you wish to arrange a wedding in our Church, please make early contact with the Minister, the Rev. Dr. Malcolm Kinnear on 01855 831 227 or the Session Clerk, Mrs. Jean Coke on 01855 821 003.     It is advisable to make provisional arrangements with the Church prior to confirming the reception arrangements.



The local Registrar should be contacted not less than 3 weeks before and not more than 3 months prior to the Wedding Day in order for the application to be processed and the Schedule of Marriage issued.


You should contact the registrar as soon as the date is fixed. It may be that if one of the couple is not a British citizen he or she will have to apply for a marriage visa. The registrar will need to see various documents in advance. These include birth certificates and, if appropriate, documents pertaining to the death of a spouse or divorce documentation if either party of the couple has been married previously. You will need to produce these or obtain official copies and the registrar will advise you about the deadline for submission.   The marriage schedule will be available for collection about 7 days before the marriage.   It must be brought to the wedding and must be returned to the registrar afterwards within three working days.

The Registrar is Isobel Mackellaig on 01397 704 583.



The Church Service

A service in the Church may be expected to last for about 30 to 40 minutes.     The content and format should be discussed with the minister who will be conducting the service.



It is customary to have 2 or 3 hymns during the service, the choice being discussed with the Minister.   Organ music or recorded music can be provided before and after the service.    The choice of music can be discussed with the organist, Melville Paton on 01855 821 371.


Projection Facilities

The Church has projection facilities so that the words of hymns and readings can be shown on a screen if desired.    Photographs can also be displayed.



You may, if you wish, decorate the church with flowers.    Access to the Church should be arranged with the Church Officer.    After the wedding, you may wish to remove the flowers for your own use, or leave them in the Church for the following Sunday service.

Local florists are –


Forget-Me-Not Florists, 109 High Street, Fort William, PH33 DG  Tel: 01397 701 300.

McDonald Bros., 12-13 Battlefield Crescent, Inverlochy, Fort William, PH33 6NB.     Tel: 01397702 221.


Church Officer

The Church Officer is responsible for heating and lighting in the Church.   He will also open the Church for access by the florist.    Please contact Andrew Coke on 01855 821 003.



There is no requirement to have a rehearsal before the event, but some couples find it helpful.     This can be discussed with the Minister.    The afternoon or evening prior to the Wedding Day is often chosen.    The key people to be present are Bride and Groom, Best Man and Bridesmaid(s), the Ushers and the Bride’s father (or whoever is escorting the Bride down the aisle.)


Fees and Donations


Use of Church         £200

Organist                   £50

Church Officer         £50

Minister                    No fee – expenses only.

Fees and donations should be placed in envelopes for giving to recipients on the day of the wedding or at the rehearsal.



Arrange any photography with the Minister.    If a video of the ceremony is being recorded, a Government requirement is a video licence which costs £100.


The Wedding Day

The Groom and Best Man should be at the Church 20 to 30 minutes before the start of the ceremony.     They must bring the Schedule of Marriage.


Sunday Services

The weekly service is held at noon to which visitors are always welcome.  provides full details of the Church and its activities.


“Be kind and tender-hearted to one another, and forgive one another, as God has forgiven you through Christ.”    Ephesians 4:32.